This paper presents a novel framework to recover detailed human body shapes from a single image. It is a challenging task due to factors such as variations in human shapes, body poses, and viewpoints. Prior methods typically attempt to recover the human body shape using a parametric based template that lacks the surface details. As such the resulting body shape appears to be without clothing. In this paper, we propose a novel learning-based framework that combines the robustness of parametric model with the flexibility of free-form 3D deformation. We use the deep neural networks to refine the 3D shape in a Hierarchical Mesh Deformation (HMD) framework, utilizing the constraints from body joints, silhouettes, and per-pixel shading information. We are able to restore detailed human body shapes beyond skinned models. Experiments demonstrate that our method has outperformed previous state-of-the-art approaches, achieving better accuracy in terms of both 2D IoU number and 3D metric distance. The code is available in

* CVPR 2019 Oral

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