Potential Neutralizing Antibodies Discovered for Novel Corona Virus Using Machine Learning

Mar 18, 2020
Rishikesh Magar, Prakarsh Yadav, Amir Barati Farimani

The fast and untraceable virus mutations take lives of thousands of people before the immune system can produce the inhibitory antibody. Recent outbreak of novel coronavirus infected and killed thousands of people in the world. Rapid methods in finding peptides or antibody sequences that can inhibit the viral epitopes of COVID-19 will save the life of thousands. In this paper, we devised a machine learning (ML) model to predict the possible inhibitory synthetic antibodies for Corona virus. We collected 1933 virus-antibody sequences and their clinical patient neutralization response and trained an ML model to predict the antibody response. Using graph featurization with variety of ML methods, we screened thousands of hypothetical antibody sequences and found 8 stable antibodies that potentially inhibit COVID-19. We combined bioinformatics, structural biology, and Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations to verify the stability of the candidate antibodies that can inhibit the Corona virus.

* We have computationally predicted the neutralizing candidates against COVID -19 using machine learning techniques. The main paper is 25 pages(4 figures) and Supporting information is 10 pages(5 figures) 

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