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A third level trigger programmable on FPGA for the gamma/hadron separation in a Cherenkov telescope using pseudo-Zernike moments and the SVM classifier

Feb 24, 2006
Marco Frailis, Oriana Mansutti, Praveen Boinee, Giuseppe Cabras, Alessandro De Angelis, Barbara De Lotto, Alberto Forti, Mauro Dell'Orso, Riccardo Paoletti, Angelo Scribano, Nicola Turini, Mose' Mariotti, Luigi Peruzzo, Antonio Saggion

We studied the application of the Pseudo-Zernike features as image parameters (instead of the Hillas parameters) for the discrimination between the images produced by atmospheric electromagnetic showers caused by gamma-rays and the ones produced by atmospheric electromagnetic showers caused by hadrons in the MAGIC Experiment. We used a Support Vector Machine as classification algorithm with the computed Pseudo-Zernike features as classification parameters. We implemented on a FPGA board a kernel function of the SVM and the Pseudo-Zernike features to build a third level trigger for the gamma-hadron separation task of the MAGIC Experiment.

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