Research papers and code for "Daniil Anastasyev":
In this paper, we explore the ways to improve POS-tagging using various types of auxiliary losses and different word representations. As a baseline, we utilized a BiLSTM tagger, which is able to achieve state-of-the-art results on the sequence labelling tasks. We developed a new method for character-level word representation using feedforward neural network. Such representation gave us better results in terms of speed and performance of the model. We also applied a novel technique of pretraining such word representations with existing word vectors. Finally, we designed a new variant of auxiliary loss for sequence labelling tasks: an additional prediction of the neighbour labels. Such loss forces a model to learn the dependencies in-side a sequence of labels and accelerates the process of training. We test these methods on English and Russian languages.

* Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies, Papers from the Annual International Conference "Dialogue" (2018) Issue 17, 14-27
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