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We describe a method for estimating human head pose in a color image that contains enough of information to locate the head silhouette and detect non-trivial color edges of individual facial features. The method works by spotting the human head on an arbitrary background, extracting the head outline, and locating facial features necessary to describe the head orientation in the 3D space. It is robust enough to work with both color and gray-level images featuring quasi-frontal views of a human head under variable lighting conditions.

* This is a master's thesis completed at UMCP in 1998, being published here given enough of the demand on its contents from the Computer Vision R&D community
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The purpose of this report is in examining the generalization performance of Support Vector Machines (SVM) as a tool for pattern recognition and object classification. The work is motivated by the growing popularity of the method that is claimed to guarantee a good generalization performance for the task in hand. The method is implemented in MATLAB. SVMs based on various kernels are tested for classifying data from various domains.

* A short (6 page) report on evaluation of the SVM as a pattern classification tool, as of 1999
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This report explores the latest advances in the field of digital document recognition. With the focus on printed document imagery, we discuss the major developments in optical character recognition (OCR) and document image enhancement/restoration in application to Latin and non-Latin scripts. In addition, we review and discuss the available technologies for hand-written document recognition. In this report, we also provide some company-accumulated benchmark results on available OCR engines.

* Technical report surveying OCR/ICR and document understanding methods as of 2004.It contains 38 pages, numerous figures, 93 references, and provides a table of contents
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