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Conversational AI systems are becoming famous in day to day lives. In this paper, we are trying to address the following key question: To identify whether design, as well as development efforts for search oriented conversational AI are successful or not.It is tricky to define 'success' in the case of conversational AI and equally tricky part is to use appropriate metrics for the evaluation of conversational AI. We propose four different perspectives namely user experience, information retrieval, linguistic and artificial intelligence for the evaluation of conversational AI systems. Additionally, background details of conversational AI systems are provided including desirable characteristics of personal assistants, differences between chatbot and an AI based personal assistant. An importance of personalization and how it can be achieved is explained in detail. Current challenges in the development of an ideal conversational AI (personal assistant) are also highlighted along with guidelines for achieving personalized experience for users.

* SCAI'17 - Search-Oriented Conversational AI (@ICTIR'17)
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Deep reinforcement learning is revolutionizing the artificial intelligence field. Currently, it serves as a good starting point for constructing intelligent autonomous systems which offer a better knowledge of the visual world. It is possible to scale deep reinforcement learning with the use of deep learning and do amazing tasks such as use of pixels in playing video games. In this paper, key concepts of deep reinforcement learning including reward function, differences between reinforcement learning and supervised learning and models for implementation of reinforcement are discussed. Key challenges related to the implementation of reinforcement learning in conversational AI domain are identified as well as discussed in detail. Various conversational models which are based on deep reinforcement learning (as well as deep learning) are also discussed. In summary, this paper discusses key aspects of deep reinforcement learning which are crucial for designing an efficient conversational AI.

* SCAI'17-Search-Oriented Conversational AI (@ICTIR)
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